About the Author

Evelyn Puerto

Evelyn Puerto entered the world around the time when Castro was taking over Cuba and postage stamps cost four cents. She grew up loving books and reading, as they took her to faraway places she wanted to see.

Her career in health care administration took her to St Louis. After the Berlin Wall fell, she began to think about fulfilling a childhood dream of living overseas. She eventually settled on missionary service in Russia, where she learned to love borscht, dress for the cold, and treasure liberty.

While in Russia, she travelled to Ukraine, where she met an amazing family whose story of perseverance and triumph in the face of intense persecution for their faith encouraged and inspired her in her own struggles. After she returned to the US, she wrote of their experiences in award-winning Beyond the Rapids.

Her second book, Read Me Before You Write, shares the lessons she learned about writing and publishing.

To learn more about Evelyn Puerto and her other writing, visit evelynpuerto.com or follow evelyn_puerto on twitter.

When she married, she inherited three stepdaughters, two step-grandsons, and a cat. She and her husband live in northeast Wisconsin.