Beyond the Rapids

Front cover of Beyond the RapidsOne Family's Triumph over Religious Persecution in Communist Ukraine

Imagine that you are a believer living in a communist country. You live with the knowledge that at any time you could be imprisoned, tortured, or killed simply because you are a Christian. Many around the world have endured persecution for their faith. Their stories are inspiring, but what does that have to do with us in the West? Imagine living in a society that mocks Christian beliefs. Imagine the government and courts restricting the practice of the Christian faith. Imagine raising children in a culture hostile to Christianity. The religious freedom we’ve taken for granted is eroding before our eyes. How can believers stand firm in the face of pressures on every side? Beyond the Rapids tells the story of a Ukrainian pastor and his wife who did just that: they remained true to their faith in spite of persecution. Their four children, after struggling with temptations of ambition, wealth, love and popularity, overcame the pressure to renounce the church and chose to follow Christ.

Beyond the Rapids is a bronze medal winner in the 2011 Reader's Favorite Book Contest.

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